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Muhsin Al-Ramli in the Zayed Book Award 2016 Literature short lists

Muhsin Al-Ramli in the Zayed Book Award 2016 Literature

 short lists

The three books that were “unanimously approved” for the 2016 Sheikh Zayed Book Award shortlist are all by acclaimed novelists:
They are Bakhur ‘adani (Incense from Aden, 2014) by Yemeni novelist Ali Al-Muqri;  Thi’bat al hob wal kutub (The She-wolf of Love and Books, 2015), by Iraqi novelist Muhsin Al-Ramli; and Ma wara’a al kitaba (Beyond Writing, 2014), by Egyptian novelist Ibrahim Abdelmeguid.
 ‘Thi’bat al hob wal kutub’ (The she-wolf of love and books), by Muhsin Al-Ramli from Iraq. The novel is published by Dar Al-Mada, Baghdad 2015. The importance of the novel lies in addressing the human suffering of the Iraqi diaspora in Exile after the U.S invasion of Iraq. Muhsin (the main character) escapes to Jordan and when accessing his email account, he accidently accesses his brother’s and finds letters from Hyam, who happens to be an Iraqi woman residing in Spain. The author takes the reader through an intricate journey of emails between Hyam and Muhsin posing as his brother, Hassan. Eventually, Muhsin develops mounting affection towards Hyam and decides to travel to Spain to meet her.

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